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Auto industry

Our waterproof and breathable products for automotive electronic components can prevent the sensitive automotive electronic components from obstinate contaminants in the engine compartment. In this way, the service life of its sealing elements and casing will be prolonged. Moreover, the cost for design, manufacturing and assembly will be reduced.
Gasoline-powered, hybrid power and electric cars adopt more elaborate electronic control unit, sensor and engine to improve the vehicle’s safety, convenience and fuel economy. However, to ensure the...

Communication system

Nowadays when communication has been widely popularized, communication devices may be available on remote high mountains and deserted islands. Besides, there is a growing demand for telecommunication equipment to have more stable performance. But what is the stability of these devices as they are more exposed to natural environments? According to previous practice, hostile environment such as ice, snow, rainstorm, and haze will cause serious damage to telecommunication devices. But why will such damage occur? That is because a large amount of heat is generated when the devices are in operation. To protect the sophisticated electronic components in the device...

Lighting industry

Lighting fixtures are available all over the world. Some are on the humid equator, in the scorching Sahara Desert and the freezing Siberia. Others are in the wind and sand, and the rainstorm. How to enable lighting fixtures to bear the test of the atrocious weather proves to be a great test before the designers. The biggest problem in the past was the water and dust absorbed in the lighting resulting from temperature change-incurred negative pressure. Designers used to believe that such problem was caused by fragile casing and insecure installation. Therefore, more airtight lighting was adopted as a way of coping with the problem...

Other industries

The continuous technological development, ever-changing demands, tough operation conditions that challenge product performance and decades of service life as required by customers prove to be a big challenge to the solar system. Lede’s advanced permeable product solutions will help bring down the complexity of engineering design, save production cost and maintain higher system efficiency whilst meeting the long service life as expected by customers...



Huizhou Leader Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise as registered by the State and was founded at No. 180 Fourth Ring South Road, Henan Bank, Huicheng District, Huizhou in 2010. Our company commits to the development and application of waterproof and ventilation products and to offering solutions on water resistance, dust and moisture prevention, and ventilation of electrical equipment, lamps, and devices for severe, damp, filthy environments. All these bring down customers’ huge after-sale maintenance cost born of damaged products resulting from rainwater, dust, and oil contamination.

Through unremitting efforts over the years, we have developed waterproof and breathable film and thread type waterproof lock valve (respirator) used for outdoor lamps, communication devices, outdoor mechanical devices, and other outdoor devices applied to damp and filthy environments;